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Finishing Touches: Countertop Edges

Welcome back, everybody! Now that we've discussed all of the different types of countertop materials available, let's talk about how to add those finishing touches to your beautiful new countertop.

When you are shopping for a new countertop, there are so many details to go over, it is easy to forget that you also need to pick an edge style for the countertop. There are so many beautiful edge styles available that really add the perfect finishing touch to your new kitchen or bathroom. Which one should you choose? It really comes down to your personal preference and what kind of style you're going for in your space. Here is a brief run through of the different types of edges we offer here at Albuquerque Tile & Stone, and what to keep in mind with each of these selections.

Standard Eased Edge

Pictured here is the Standard Eased Edge, the most basic countertop edge we offer. Unless otherwise specified, this is the edge style we will use for your countertop. There is no additional fee for this edge style, and it is also very popular since it has such a clean and modern look. We can also do a version of this with slightly rounded edges and corners, for an additional fee. Any custom edge we add to your countertop will affect the overall price of your countertop fabrication, since decorative edges are more labor intensive.

Decorative Edges

If you are looking to add some visual interest to your kitchen or bathroom, decorative countertop edges are the way to go! Pictured to the left is a Beveled Edge. It gives your countertops an elegant touch while being simple and understated. Beveled edges can vary between 1/4", 1/2", just the top edge having a slight bevel or doing a bevel on the top and bottom.

Another classic option is the Full Bullnose edge, which has soft, rounded edges on top and bottom. You have the option of doing a Demi Bullnose or Half Bullnose, which would be soft, curved edges just on top. All are lovely options that would add some character to your countertops.

Lastly, we have the Ogee Edge. This is a classic and sophisticated countertop edge that almost makes your kitchen or bathroom feel royal. It's a gorgeous detail to add to your countertop if you really like a traditional, elegant style. The curves can be more subtle or you can go for a more dramatic look by requesting even larger curves for your ogee edge. A Double Ogee is also a possibility, but keep in mind that this a labor intensive look to achieve, so this will be the most expensive countertop edge choice.

So there you have it! These are the most basic categories of countertop edges available to you. You are always welcome to bounce your ideas off of us, regarding a custom countertop edge. We seek to please, so we will do our best to accommodate your requests. We can't wait to see what you choose!

Photo Credit: Home Depot

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